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12 Animals That Are Hard to Imagine

27 September 2018

According to scientists, our planet is home to around 8.7 million plants and animas, while 86% of land species and 91% of sea species are yet to be found. It’s amazing that after hundreds of years of biological studies we keep tracking and finding new species of animals. Some of these creatures look so odd and strange that it’s hard to believe we live on the same planet as them.

Barreleye fish, they are amazing!

The Shoebill, looks funny!

Appaloosa horse with colour patterns.

Lemur, friendly or not?


Umbonia spinosa, alien bugs!

Fish hook ant, real predator.

Mantis shrimp, colorful creatures.

Blue parrot

Bald uakari, red face monkey.

Giraffe weevil with long neck.

Blanket octopus

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12 Animals That Are Hard to Imagine
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