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12 Dryer Sheet Hacks That Will Save You Money And Time

15 July 2018

I wager you didn’t imagine that dryer sheets could be more helpful than for what they are really made to do.

However, let me tell ya, these straightforward sheets are genuinely stun. Truly, there are such huge numbers of awesome things that they can enable you to achieve each day.

From stains to stenches, dryer sheets have your back…and so do we! Here’s a rundown of the best hacks you didn’t know your dryer sheets brought to the table.

Dryer sheets are a great way to remove an awful deodorant stain. Their lightness is great for picking up the marks off material!

To get rid of the smell in shoes, just pop a dryer sheet in there and leave it for a while to freshen them up!

Use a dryer sheet to wipe down their metal appliances, and it seriously gave them that fresh, shiny look.

Put a dryer sheet over her brush for those static-y days.

Stick a dryer sheet in your book to help get rid of that moldy odor.

The rough surface on glitter nails is hard to rub off with normal tissue paper. Plus, it gets all gross and pieces start to stick to your nail.Use dryer sheets.

Use dryer sheets to clean up hair off clothes and furniture because the hair sticks to the sheet!

If you let your thread glide through a dryer sheet before sewing, it’ll help prevent the thread from getting stuck together and from making a bunch of knots!

Use a dryer sheet to clean off computer screen and other devices. The dryer sheet helps remove static cling so that dust doesn’t find its way back to your screen as easily!

Use a dryer sheet to get the burnt gunk of your pans super easy

Dryer sheets are known for keeping insects like mosquitoes and gnats away

Take an old dryer sheet and roll some dryer lint inside and you’ve gotten yourself a fire starter

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12 Dryer Sheet Hacks That Will Save You Money And Time
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