12 Hotel Hacks You Must Try On Your Next Vacation

25 October 2018

Hotel stayings can be rough sometimes and there are some hacks that will make those nights and days very interesting and better all in all.

Half the time, the only available outlets in hotel rooms are behind the nightstand or in another out-of-the-way place. This makes it easy to forget your phone charger — but if you attach your keys, as suggested by Redditor crujones43, you can’t possibly forget it.

USB ports

This goes for any TV, but it’s especially useful in hotel rooms. If you can’t find a handy power outlet, virtually every flatscreen TV has a USB port in the back. It’s used mainly for diagnostic purposes, but it does have enough juice to charge your phone.

Hotel AC units have two modes: colder than Antarctica, and off. You can use their chilliness to your advantage, though: Redditor apexhead1999 says that stacking your cans and bottles on the unit, then insulating it somewhat, creates a refrigerator.

Well, it isn’t quite a table, but it fits the need quite nicely. Redditor mahlanks shows that folding the bedsheets just right creates a handy pocket for all of your bedside essentials.

If you travel, you’ve probably experienced the horrors that come with one of these unreliable bottles failing and spilling everywhere. Redditor brett_riverboat shows a foolproof way to eliminate this risk when traveling: just use plastic wrap, then screw the caps back on.

Redditor syswolf has provided a handy photo reference. If you don’t have a fridge in your room, just get a whole bunch of ice and dump it in your sink or bathtub.

Hotel rooms can feel pretty nasty. At some point you’ll probably be handling the TV remote, which has also been handled by hundreds of other people. Redditor Nwa1348 suggests wrapping it in the small plastic bag from your ice bucket to create a germ barrier.

If you ever bring leftover pizza back to your room this is worth a shot: Redditor Laelaps2017 suggests carefully using the heat from your iron to warm up your leftover slice. Then clean the iron — you weren’t born in a barn!

Assuming your laptop or tablet has an HDMI outlet, and most do, throw an HDMI cable in your bag. It takes up almost no space, and casting stuff from the small screen to the big screen usually beats whatever is on basic cable in your room.

It seems like a major oversight given the preponderance of free soap in hotels, but there’s never a convenient place to put that soap. Redditor jdmnash suggests using a plastic cup as an impromptu soap dish. So simple, yet so smart!

Many hotel chains use thermostats equipped with motion sensors to save on electricity bills. You can easily disable these motion sensors (don’t worry, you’re not breaking anything!) if you follow the instructions laid out by YouTuber rcslex.

When you’re in one of those weird rooms that requires you to put your card in an outlet in order to receive power, here’s something to know: as Redditor trivial_sublime illustrates, literally anything that fits will trip the switch.

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 Hotel Hacks You Must Try On Your Next Vacation
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