12 People Who Just Can’t Handle Things Anymore

24 October 2018

Sometimes things get hard and you just wish to give up. And sometimes people do give up.

Not what one would expect

I don’t even need toilet paper

I may actually be OK with any spidery bathroom as long as I have some kind of privacy.

No bathroom is safe

The forgetful phone float-y maneuver.

“Whatever. If we go into a tunnel, I’ll just buy new stuff at my destination.”

 “Yo, if Oscar the Grouch isn’t here in 15 minutes, we are legally allowed to leave.”

If this was ordered through one of those self-checkout screens, there’s no one to blame but the customer.


“I was so desperate for a selfie…it had been five whole minutes since my last one.”

Check out this promotional image for Hansel & Gretel 2: Electric Boogaloo.

You tried to play with his emotions and you got punished

Not so delightful

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

12 People Who Just Can’t Handle Things Anymore
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