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12 Really Simple DIY That Will Change Your Life

16 August 2018

Take a look at these amazing DIYs and get your life changed in the most amazing way! If you can’t find something practical in these DIY, if nothing else they are guaranteed to inspire you!

With a succulent or two, a bowl, and some sand, you can make your own Zen garden!

Mix up some rice with dried lavender and essential oils, then put the mixture into the mask by cutting a small section of the stitching. Sew it back up and you made an eye mask you can heat up

Cut some felt into heart shapes and sew them almost all the way together. Fill with rice and dried lavender before finishing the stitching. Warm the hearts up before you leave the house and you’ll have toasty warm pockets.

Stick a small, powerful magnet inside an old tea or candy tin. Put them on your fridge or a metal message board and they’ll be irreplaceable by holding documents up and storing things like pens.

Glue the teacup to the saucer, fill the cup with soil, and add your favorite succulents.

Make a spice rack with small jars, a metal sheet, and magnets.

Use heavy duty hose clamps to hold the jars in place and rest easy knowing that they won’t fall.

Draw out your phrase to use as a template and then bend some wire to match. Glue neon light rope to the wire using binder clips to hold it until the glue dries.

Here is the recipe how to make your own lip balm.

Use  tension rods in drawers to keep bottles or lids from going astray, or use them vertically in a cupboard to organize baking sheets.

To corral stuffed animals use Bungee cords.

Save the pump from your last disposable soap bottle, carefully create a hole in the lid of the jar and glue the pump in place to make a reusable soap dispenser.

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12 Really Simple DIY That Will Change Your Life
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