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These 12 Strong Woman Traits Men Just Can’t Resist

10 October 2018

Every decent man is attracted to a strong and stable woman that can handle herself, and having some of these traits goes a long way.

Women are pressured into thinking that if they have a great career or an amazing family, but don’t have everything going on, they’re a failure. But not every road can be taken in our lifetime and when you achieve great levels of success and choose to make yourself happy — you very well deserve a pat on a back. It is a very mature thing to choose your way and stick with it.

It’s okay if your eyes light up at the sight of a big sale. But It is way more practical and fulfilling to have one piece of clothing or makeup that is high quality instead of buying 10 cheap ones for the same amount of money. In hindsight, that one thing will probably last you way longer anyway.

It’s one thing to love and accept your body and it’s another to make good decisions for it. People love to excuse the neglect of their health by saying, “I’m not my body.” Well, guess what? You are. And it is truly one part of yourself that you’ll have forever, so stop abusing yourself with fast food and destructive diets and exercise. The health of your mind and body lies in balance.

Our bodies were designed to perform physical activity and that is what makes us happy. Endorphins (joy hormones) are produced in your brain when you are exercising, so to get through the initial discomfort and to the good part — give yourself 21 days (the amount needed to set a habit) and see how you feel after.

Nobody is perfect, including you. Face your flaws, they don’t make you less of a great human. If anything, they are what make you human. Accepting this can be liberating and a first step toward working things out so that they don’t prevent you from having quality relationships and well, a life.

Take a moment to sit down and put on paper all of your talents and skills, all the things you are great at and you’ll see — you are way stronger than you think you are, even at your lowest times in life. If you are feeling way too critical to praise yourself, ask your friends to help. They know why they love you after all.

We don’t choose the people we go to school or work with, yet our free time is ours to spare. Don’t waste it on people who only make you feel bad or give you less than you deserve emotionally. Learning to say “no” to things you don’t want to do is an invaluable skill and is a sign of mental maturity.

If you are over 18 years old, it is legally nobody’s responsibility to take care of you. And the faster you own up to this, the better your life will be. You can be scared of dentists or physicians, but remember — they are there to help you and when you know things that are going on in your body, you are half-equipped to fix it.

When you start making decisions based on your own priorities and feelings you eventually have bigger ownership over your life and though it brings more responsibility. Every goal achieved will also bring way more satisfaction, since it’s your own.

Some call it “being fashionably late” while others call it “disrespectful”. Either way, your time is the only resource you’ll never get back. When we manage our time wisely, we can achieve great things and have a better sense of control over everything that happens to us.

We can’t stress this enough: charging batteries are crucial to physical and mental health. Good sleep, doing things you enjoy, and giving yourself some time in the day is something that has a positive impact on your body and mind.

When we lean into things we “entourage” them to happen, but a bad ending is also not our fault. This also leads us to being miserable on account of others and lets us accept the role of victim. Be careful — being a victim is addictive. And it does nothing for your self esteem.

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These 12 Strong Woman Traits Men Just Can’t Resist
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