12 Things That People Do And They Get Nothing Out Of It

23 October 2018

People do so much dumb things that are completely unproductive and it’s getting worse by the minute. That is not the way we are going to colonize other planets, humanity.

Here at the office, one of the faucets in the men’s room is broken and I didn’t realize it until I went to use it. But then, after the tap didn’t work, I did something weird. I tried it againĀ as if sheer force of will was going to make the water run.

Making a list of things you won’t do

This is me every morning

Refreshing that home page even tho internet is down or you already read the damn thing 3 times in a row

It’s waste of good money, I wish I would eat them

Cycling through all your old passwords in hopes that you’ll remember the new one you had to make with eleven special characters and 12,000 numbers attached.

Telling yourself a lie about how much you will eat

If you can tell me a single time you’ve ever looked at the time when you were waiting for something and it made you feel good? Never, right? All it does it make you feel stressed out, like you’re being robbed of your too-little and valuable time on earth. So just, I dunno, relax and read a book or something.

Arranging coffees that will never happen

Staring at the menu and going “uhhhhhhh” for 15 seconds before ordering at a fast food restaurant.

Hitting the remote when it’s malfunctioning

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12 Things That People Do And They Get Nothing Out Of It
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