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12 Times People Had Fun Air Traveling

14 July 2018

Everybody who has ever experienced a plane realizes that air travel can as a rule be a daunting struggle. Particularly when there’s that individual on your flight that carries on as though they were at home by putting their legs on other travelers’ armrests, taking another person’s nourishment or basically removing their stinky socks.

Can of beer dropped off

“Someone tell him his bath is ready!”

Someone tell him his bath is ready! #passengershaming

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Hand luggage a la sturgeon

He just needs to heat his pizza

Children’s spontaneity

“My brother is a pilot and spotted this during an in-air refuel.”

Take a wild guess

I have so many questions. ? #why #passengershaming

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Couple expresses their PDA at the terminal entrance/exit.

Someone’s kid is plucking the hair off of a passenger’s leg.

How kids entertain on the flights

Milk is not allowed!

Someone  tried to smuggle a bow

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12 Times People Had Fun Air Traveling
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