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13 Photos Of Frankenstein Fruit That’ll Give You Goosebumps.

01 November 2018

People say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away – and while that saying isn’t exactly always true, there’s no denying the important role that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables plays when it comes to your longterm health.
You just can’t beat the power of fruits and veggies. When you sit down to enjoy an apple or a banana, you probably have a pretty good idea of what that fruit is going to look like.

This awful double banana is too freaky to look at

And here is what that thing looked like from inside

This lemon that looks like it’s trying to grow arms and legs

A bunch of grapes fused together

These Siamese kiwi fruits have teamed up and now nothing can stop them!

This giant strawberry looks like it’s trying to make itself into jam

This strawberry is sprouting. Ewww, you should definitely not eat it…

This one is sprouting while it’s still attached to the plant

This apple has a weird second stalk hole. That’s the technical term!

This banana is unnervingly straight… too straight!

This tomato is home to lots of tiny tomato plants

Seeds inside of this apple have begun to sprout

This lemon is all kinds of messed up. Looks ridiculous.

This apple looks like a pear. Yes, it’s an apple.

A tiny orange inside of this full-grown orange

And finally, this clementine which is growing inside of a clementine.

I think this is too much of weird fruits for today. Now, imagine the monstrosities that can happen to veggies.
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13 Photos Of Frankenstein Fruit That’ll Give You Goosebumps.
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