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15 Huge Movie Mistakes You Haven’t Noticed Before

12 April 2019

Even the biggest Hollywood blockbusters which earned millions have overlooked some huge mistakes. You can watch your favorite movies so many times without even noticing the mistakes which are sometimes silly and funny, and sometimes, they change the whole movie.

Even the biggest fans of the movies in this list never noticed them. Here are some of the biggest mistakes in movies.

Stormtroopers Are Not That Smart

Blue Pill or Red Pill? Left Eye or Right Eye?

Rose, Don’t Kill Jack! He’ll Drown Anyway!

Fix the Ship

Right or Left? Gryffindor or Slytherin? The Boy Who Couldn’t Decide

Unusual Engines

Disappearing Backpack

Ironing Between Takes


I Believe I Can Fly

Swapping Cups

I Want to Believe There Are Some News Today

There Must Be at Least 8 of Them!

Is It a Cameraman or a Very Bad Spy?

Lover Unchained


15 Huge Movie Mistakes You Haven’t Noticed Before
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