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15 Things You Can Or Can’t Do I Dubai

12 April 2019

The delightful god-like Dubai. The city that never rests… hold up isn’t that New York? All things considered, it is nevertheless Dubai isn’t that distant. Dubai is to be sure a meaning of extravagance. In the event that achievement was a city it would be Dubai.

Regardless of whether you overstep the law, suppose you’re driving path over as far as possible in your auto, the Police isn’t following you in simply any standard Police auto. No Sir!

They’re utilizing Lambos and Ferraris and so forth. What’s more, you know you’re in a standout amongst the most extravagances puts on Earth when the Police is driving Ferraris.

Or if nothing else that is the thing that they need us to accept and that is the means by which they advance the city. Yet, nothing on this world is flawless, and a lot of those incredible realities about Dubai that you’ve seen online are really not reality.

Try not to misunderstand us, Dubai is as yet a wonderful city. However, we simply need to ensure you’re mindful of the way that not the entire Police constrain is driving Ferraris all things considered.

Dubai is the capital of billionaires

This might seems so but actually out of 5,000 US dollar billionaires in the world, only 20 of them live in Dubai.

There is no poverty in Dubai

If we count the migrants, there’s plenty of poor people living in Dubai. The average salary of a migrant worker is $200-$350.

Dubai is a perfect place for bringing up kids

It’s awesome for natives because the education for them is free. On the other hand, migrants have to pay $100,000 for 11 years of education, and we’re talking about public schools here.

Dubai is a country

Dubai is not a country. Dubai is actually a city in the UAE, and it’s not even the capital. Out of the 7 emirates in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is the capital.

There is no alcohol in Dubai

Natives in Dubai are not allowed to drink alcohol, but this rule does not count for tourists and non-Muslims. You can pretty much buy alcohol in almost every hotel in Dubai.

There is no unemployment in Dubai

All things considered, on the off chance that we consider the way that Dubai is extradites home expats without working visas inside 30 days, than yes, there is no joblessness in Dubai. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about local people? Much the same as we said before, advanced education in any college of the world is paid by the legislature of the UAE, in case you’re a local obviously.

Dubai is an ecologically clean city

Dubai absolutely likes to consider itself an environmentally clean city, yet that is not the situation. Regardless of whether you take the nonattendance of a bound together waste administration framework and proceeded with ascent of the populace aside, despite everything you have a city that is full with super-autos and not Toyotas or Teslas.

It’s an eternal summer in Dubai, and the weather is always good

With regards to “climate is constantly great” we truly need to characterize “great” before we bring about any disarray. It’s unquestionably hot, and the sky is frequently dark because of the substantial measure of clean noticeable all around. That is the manner by which a desert atmosphere resembles, and you be judge with regards to “the climate is constantly great.”

It took many years for Dubai to reach its current level

You ought to keep in mind the influence and cash of oil. The emirates joined in 1971, and that is when Dubai began to develop also. We’re discussing a generally youthful city that is always astounding us with its advancements and energizing ventures.

The police in Dubai use only luxury cars

This is a totally false reality, in light of the fact that the Dubai’s Police utilizes normal autos like BMW, Audi and Toyota too. They do have flashy super-autos in the power, and they’re not only a hotshot. There’s a lot of wild super-autos in Dubai and the Police essentially needs to stay aware of the strength.

Everything is automated in Dubai

You may not be overwhelm via ventilating at transport stops, aerating and cooling at ATMs yet have you at any point seen a robot-policemen? In the event that you haven’t, Dubai is the place to visit on the off chance that you need to perceive how the future will resemble. In any case, this innovation and mechanization isn’t all finished Dubai. Just the better parts are robotized and prepared for what’s to come.

Cheetahs and lions are pets in Dubai

Cats are more ideal than canines by local people, yet conventional felines. Not lions or cheetahs. Truth be told, it’s illegal in Dubai to keep a wild creature and you can wind up a half year in prison for it. Or on the other hand with a punishment from $2,700 to $138,00.

Dubai consists of skyscrapers

Much the same as some other visitor goal, individuals need to see the energizing stuff when they visit Dubai. That is the reason you wind up with seeing pictures of tremendous structures all finished web based life from individuals who went to Dubai. Be that as it may, in all actuality, Dubai is a city of complexities. This implies Dubai has 163-story high rises, yet you can likewise discover one-story houses and consistent flat structures also.

Mainly Arabs and locals live in Dubai

Just around 9% of the populace are really local people, and 91% of the populace originate from different nations, for example, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The wealth of Dubai appeared thanks to oil


All things considered, yes and no. Before oil, Dubai was celebrated for pear jumping, a to a great degree productive business. On the off chance that you’ve at any point caught wind of the Persian Gulf, you realize that the gems originating from that point is very esteemed.


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15 Things You Can Or Can’t Do I Dubai
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