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16 Creepy Things That Will Keep You Awake At Night

08 June 2017

When you think about things like Mickey Mouse or Peter Pan, the word “creepy” would probably be the last thing that pops into your head right? Well, think again. There are actually a number of facts that will give you chills.

1. If you still wondering if aliens exist, just keep wondering. In 1977, humans received a radio signal from space that lasted 72 seconds. Its origins remain unknown.

2. There was a story from the 1930’s where Mickey is trying to commit suicide after Minnie leaves him.

3. Did you know that in the original story Peter Pan kills his lost boys once they grow up? One line in the story says: “When they seem to be growing up, which is against the rules, Peter thins them out.“

4. How would you feel by knowing that within the last 70 years, 90 commercial airliners have disappeared?

5. Serial Killer William Suff’s used the breast of one of his victims in his prize winning chili, although this was a rumor that was never verified.

6. Flower called Snapdragons turn into creepy looking skulls after they die.

7. Lake Natron in Tanzania is one of the most serene lakes in Africa, but it’s also the source of some of the most phantasmagorical photographs ever captured — images that look as though living animals had instantly turned to stone.

8. At North Korea, you have to choose from 28 government approved haircuts, or else…

9. Blue Mustang, known to locals by the nickname Blucifer, is a cast-fiberglass sculpture of a mustang located at Denver International Airport. Colored bright blue, with illuminated glowing red eyes, it is notable both for its striking appearance and for having killed its creator Luis Jiménez when a section of it fell on him at his studio.

10. Ata is the common name given to the 6-inch (150 mm; 15 cm)-long skeletal remains of a human found in 2003 in a deserted Chilean town in the Atacama Desert, hence the abbreviated name. The remains have been placed in a private collection in Spain.

11. After we die, our gut bacteria begin to digest the intestines – and then the surrounding tissues – from the inside out, using the chemical cocktail that leaks out of damaged cells as a food source.

12. If you want to know if you are in the radiation zone of an atomic bomb? Just do what Vault Boy is doing in the Fallout Series.

13. Abracadabra and Avada Kadavra were used by witches who were casting dark magic spells. First means to create and the second means to destroy.

14. Did you know that there are at least 10 recorded cases of people dying from laughing? Not funny at all.

15. Colgate has serious problems in Spain. The word in Spanish is a command that means “hang yourself.”

16. In Japan, inmates who are on the death row aren’t given an exact execution date. They live every day as if it’s their last.

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16 Creepy Things That Will Keep You Awake At Night
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