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7 Strange Beauty Trends It’s Hard to Imagine Were Ever Used

27 September 2018

Each period of time and each nation have always had their own fashion style and standards. Sometimes women had to gamble with their health, look, and even lives to meet these demands.

Strange hair dye

In the 19th century, women were using strange hair dyes. These dyes had toxic silver nitrate or lead that harmed their skin, hair, and lungs.


Freckle and mole removing creams and lotions had huge amounts of cyanide and mercury that went well with unwanted pigmentation. Using these creams caused the body to accumulate mercury and shortened women’s lives.

Cinnabar blush

Cinnabar is a mineral connected with recent volcanic activity. It refers to the  bright scarlet form of mercury(II) sulfide and was used to make blush and powder.


Women didn’t have to spend time at the gym, they just had to take pills with tapeworm eggs. It came out later that they experienced different health problems: nausea, anemia, weakened immune system, fatigue…

Flannelette dresses

In the Victorian era, flannelette dresses, shirts, and pajamas were very popular. Unfortunately, not all people could have them. The expensive material was substituted with a cheap one.


Every country has its own beauty trends. In Indonesia, women used to sharpen their teeth so that they resembled shark teeth. The process of filing is painful and dangerous.

Teeth decorating

2,000 years ago, ancient Mayans used to decorate their teeth with gold and some stones. Teeth were drilled with holes so that pieces of jade or gold could be placed.

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7 Strange Beauty Trends It’s Hard to Imagine Were Ever Used
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