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7 Ways Of Getting Mosquitoes Away From Our Bodies

09 October 2018

Mosquitoes are really a menace with which we hate to bother. However, they are so annoying that you can’t ignore  them, and they can be dangerous for health sometimes when they are carrying some kind of a disease. So let’s get them away!


Plants and herbs can help us to avoid these unpleasant mosquitoes. There are various types you can pick according to your taste: horsemintbasilrosemarygarliccatniplavendercitronella grass, or marigold.

Lavender spray and body oil

You can make a body spray with essential body oil or just apply it in drops on your skin. This remedy is also very healthy for your body and excluding chemical sprays and creams can help your skin to avoid irritations and allergies. Mosquitoes hate lavender!

Soapy water

Place a plate with soapy water nearby when you are having issues with them. After some time you will see that mosquitoes will be attracted to this water and become trapped.

 Citronella candles

If you can’t have repellant plants at home or you’re allergic to them, citronella candles can be a great solution. Citronella is a popular natural insect repellent that has been approved by research.

Apple cider vinegar

You can also add some citronella oil for an additional effect. Apply this spray on places where insects normally gather and wait for the results.


Eating garlic helps to keep mosquitoes away. This remedy is good news for garlic lovers, but if you really hate it, no need to eat it in enormous amounts. Boil it and spray the mixture in places where mosquitoes gather.

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7 Ways Of Getting Mosquitoes Away From Our Bodies
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