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The Internet Has Nothing on These 10 Incredible Life Hacks from a Century Ago

05 May 2019

Life hacks had been around way before the internet existed. Back in the early 1900s, there were cigarette companies that printed tricks on how to make our lives easier, some of which can be implemented today.
1. How to Pick up Broken Glass

The easiest way to pick up broken glass is to use a moist rag and hold the pieces with it. Moisture should attract small glass splinters, and the rag can be thrown away afterwards.
2. How to Light a Match in the Wind

Using a knife to carve shavings of a match creates a wider flammable area that is more wind-resistant.
3. How to Make a Homemade Fire Extinguisher

To make an emergency fire extinguisher, fill a glass bottle with a pound of salt, half a pound of sal-ammoniac and two quarts of water. After creating such a mix, throwing the bottle into the fire should extinguish it.
4. How to Remove Splinters

In case a splinter of wood is stuck in your palm, fill a jar with hot water and press your palm on the mouth of the bottle tightly, so a vacuum is created. Use the pull of that vacuum to suck the splinter out of your wound.
5. How to Make a Low-Budget Plant-Watering Device

To water your plants automatically, you’ll need a large container of water, some weights, strings of wool and pots of plants. The container of water should be placed on a higher level than the plants. Weights should be submerged and tied to one end of a wool string, and the other end should be buried by the plants’ roots.
6. How to Preserve Old Vases

To preserve valuable vases, fill them with enough sand, which will act as a weight, especially for vases that are heavier in their upper parts.
7. How to Make Corks Fit Bottles

If a cork is too large to fit a bottle, there is an easier way to make it fit than to use a knife. It should be rolled on the ground using a foot while applying the equal pressure on all sides of it.
8. How to Make a Low-Budget Water Filter

To make a homemade water filter, one will need a bucket with a hole in it, fine sand, coarse sand, small and large stones. And water, of course. These should be arranged, so the most massive stones are on the bottom of the bucket, and then small stones, coarse sand, and fine sand should follow in that order.
9. How to Preserve Freshly Laid Eggs

Fresh eggs turn bad easily when exposed to water. To preserve them, fill a wooden box with salt and bury the eggs in that salt and then keep that box in a cold and dry room.
10. How to Cut Down a Healthy Tree

The Internet Has Nothing on These 10 Incredible Life Hacks from a Century Ago
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