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The Secrets Behind 11 World Famous Magic Tricks Are Finally Revealed

02 May 2019

A magician can never reveal his secrets. But we can! We finally get to reveal the secrets behind these 12 legendary magic tricks to you!
1. Street Levitation

For this trick, the magician uses a steel support system which goes through the platform on the ground. It goes through his staff, and the magician sits on the steel pole while he is in the air.
2. Zig Zag Body Trick

This is a tricky one: the assistant has to be highly trained to keep her body in this position. When the boxes are moved, the assistant keeps her posture at all times.
3. Disappearing Glass

The disappearing glass trick is quite easy; you just need to fool your audience. There’s a hole in the table, and the glass falls through it when the magician removes the handkerchief.
4. Dollar Bill Trick

The pencil goes through the dollar bill, but the bill doesn’t get ripped in half. This is done with a pencil that has been sawed in half. Magnets were glued onto the bottom of each half to make it return to its original shape.
5.Bending the Spoon

The magician holds up a coin while seemingly bending the spoon with his palm.
6. There’s Something in His Hat

This famous trick involves only a bag in which the rabbit is placed in before being pulled up through a hole in the table!
7. Sawing Trick

The magicians use two models to make it appear as if the woman is sawed in half with a hand saw.
8. David Copperfield Death Saw

The mechanical saw doesn’t cut through anything. The bodies of two assistants are placed like this to make it seem like the person gets cut in half.
9. Levitating Woman

The assistant is placed on a steel pole to make it seem like she is levitating.
10. Creating Smoke with Your Fingers

This trick involves rubbing phosphorus between your fingers. The phosphorus can be separated from match heads into powder.
11. Box Shuffle Trick

There are mannequins inside this big box while the woman sits in the square that is closest to the ground.

The Secrets Behind 11 World Famous Magic Tricks Are Finally Revealed
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