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He Spent Fortune to Look like Human Ken Doll but This Is How He Looks Now after 190 Surgeries

15 April 2019

A lot of people are very committed to looking their best, but some seek perfection and are ready to go very far to achieve it.

Justin Jedlica is often referred to as a Human Ken Doll, and it took a lot of surgeries for him to look this way. Justin spent a lot of money on these surgeries to perfect his look, and his story was heard by millions of people.

But how does he look today? How did he look before his transformation? Take a look.
1. As a Child, He Wasn’t Satisfied with the Way He Looked

Justin (36) was not happy with his look ever since he was a little boy, but as a child, couldn’t get surgery without permission of his parents.
2. A Young Boy and His Dream

From Poughkeepsie, NY, he was born to a Slovakian-American family as the eldest of 4 children and he went to high school in North Carolina.
3. At Age 18, He Had Surgery

He wasn’t happy with his looks, but he had to wait to become an adult to do anything because his parents were against cosmetic surgery.

As soon as he was 18, he had his first surgery, a nose job.
4. Justin Said: “As a First Born Child, My Parents Were Fairly Strict with Me”

“My father had wanted his first child to be a boy; a child who would reflect his interests, beliefs as well as physical attributes. I was anything but what he had expected,” he stated.
5. “Instead of Sports and Cars, I Was Drawn to the Arts and Had an Affinity for the Finer Things in Life”

“I had an intense passion for sketching and sculpting the human form, for music and for performing,” Justin explained.
6. He Wanted to Be a Celebrity

Justin wanted to live the life of people he saw on TV and he always had a feeling that he was fated to do great things.
7. He Was Inspired by Many Things

He was interested in beauty and different cultures like Greek, Roman, and Egyptian and was also a fan of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Andy Warhol.
8. He Was Lonely in His Youth

Justin gave an interview and said that he was awkward growing up and: “I was very tall and thin and a bit awkward as a teenager and was always a bit of a loner.”
9. Justin Had a Tough Time Growing Up

“I had gaps in my teeth, I wore huge bifocal glasses because my vision was so bad and I was forced to shave twice a day because I had so much facial hair,” Justin explained in his interview.
10. And after All the Surgeries…

This is how Justin looks today. The transformation is huge and he almost looks unrecognizable.
11. He Claims to Have Been Bullied and That Was When He Started to Imagine His Future Appearance:

“When I was 14 I started drawing pictures of what I wished I looked like with a thin pointy nose, flat forehead and blue eyes. As time went on I began to realize more and more that my ideal look was actually Barbie’s boyfriend Ken,” he explained.
12. Is He Satisfied?

He didn’t stop with surgeries because he wanted to look perfect, as a ken doll, and he still continues with surgeries.
14. He Finally Achieved His Dream

“People are quick to judge calling me superficial, ugly and even a freak, but plastic surgery has brought me a lot of happiness and I’m confident with who I am,” Justin concluded.

He Spent Fortune to Look like Human Ken Doll but This Is How He Looks Now after 190 Surgeries
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