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Will Smith Tells Jaden To Change Last Name to His Moms Since He Want To Be A…

28 June 2017

Will Smith seems to retract his pride and acceptance to his son-turned-gender-fluid-celebrity Jaden Smith, recently, according to an interview. It sounds really distressing to hear such a story, especially from the family of the Wild, Wild West actor.

1. We knew and witnessed earlier that after Jaden Smith revealed his own personal preferences when it comes to his gender.

2. Will came in and honored this revelation. Will also accepted invitations to various interviews to give light to this issue and we’ve seen him as a happy dad for his son.

3. Apparently, for some unknown reasons, things have changed. Jaden Smith got enough attention when he revealed himself being gender fluid.

4. This famous After Earth Lead star-teenager showed the world what he really wanted to do.

5. He proudly manifested his interest in the form of fashion, especially when he got invited to some recorded interviews, as well as when he starred in Louis Vuitton Women’s fashion ad.

6. Gender fluid, no matter what!We cannot do anything more about it. It’s done and Jaden’s really sure about this freedom. Upon hearing the news, his family, Will Smith included was a bit shocked but of course, expressed his support.

7. Will Smith let things go as it is for Jaden, until one day! He threatened his son to just scrape off the ‘Smith’ part as Jaden’s surname, and Will insisted to just take his mom Jada’s maiden name instead.

8. Will Smith reiterated that his only daughter is Willow. Now, while some people see this as a harsh remark from Will, some just see this as a challenge for Jaden to be more proud of his own self, and to be more serious about life.

9. That kind of father-son tension is driving me nuts! Hopefully, the true sense of acceptance regardless of gender fluidity, or other life choices Will’s son would take would emerge and be kept constantly strong in the future years.

10. Stop the hate, Will! Surname change is not a simple legality. It can ruin more time, hearts, intellectual capacity and the likes.

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Will Smith Tells Jaden To Change Last Name to His Moms Since He Want To Be A…
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