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These 10 Most Famous Reality Shows Were Actually Made Like This

30 September 2018

  • First, there is an audition: some of the girls are invited for ratings, for example, famous models or bloggers. Another aspect is non-standard looking people: unusual appearances, professions, an extravagant image, a difficult life, and so on.
  • “I auditioned for The Bachelor and didn’t get picked to be a contestant because they said I wasn’t pretty enough and didn’t have an interesting life story! They were obviously only letting attractive, interesting people on the show!”
  • The shooting process continues 24 hours per day, so a lot is not shown on air. The material is compiled in a way that makes it look more dramatic.
  • “During my exit interview, a producer asked, ‘Don’t you miss your family?’ and I just lost it,” she says. “So as I’m talking about my family and how I miss them, I’m then asked about how I feel about Ben. I’m crying, and it appears that I’m devastated that Ben didn’t choose me.” said Jaime Otis, one of the participants.
  • “My friend’s sister made it pretty far on Juan Pablo’s season. We would hang out at her watch parties afterward. She said the producers DO have a lot to do with almost everything (not a shocker) and she basically says she just went on for all the free potential traveling. Not for Juan…obviously.”


  • According to the participants, the producers often talked to them before the voting in order to offer them hypothetical ways the story could go. “What if this participant leaves today? What if you said that?” These questions planted ideas into the participants’ minds and sometimes made them make different decisions. This is a manipulation, but on the other hand, they didn’t intervene directly.
  • The shooting crew helped the participants, but the stories are all about cameramen lending their lighters (but on the show, it looked like they got fire thanks to glasses and sunlight), or a journalist sharing candy. Not more than that.
  • The theories about a hotel where the participants allegedly stayed are not true. There were hotels but only for the crew and usually on the neighboring island. On the island with the participants, there were only 5 people: 2 cameramen, 2 journalists, and a doctor.

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These 10 Most Famous Reality Shows Were Actually Made Like This
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